Some people are ok with being good enough,

 but what’s “good enough” when YOU’RE AFTER GREATNESS?

Greatness means you’re willing to work for what you want, and never settle.

Let's talk about what it's going to take make you great! 

You want to reach your goals, but you're not looking shortcuts and looking to waste time either. We believe in the same thing and know exactly how you feel, but maybe there's something keeping you from your goals that you cant see. If you’re like most people, you may have experienced some of the following: 

  • Too much confusing and conflicting information out there, and you dont know what direction to take!  
  • You're putting hour after hour in the gym, but feel like you're getting no where!
  • You want to hire a trainer, but you can’t tell the good ones from the ones who just want to take your money.  
  • Worried about going on a diet, and feeling starved to death!
  • Feeling like you'll never build the body you want, and you’re ready to just give up. 
  • dont want a weightloss plan where you hit your goals and gain all your weight back plus more
  • Cutting calories trying to burn fat, but end up slowing your metabolism and your results
  • You're worried about "cookie cutter" diets that dont work!
  • Wondering what the pros are doing and why you haven't figured it out!  


The things most people try to to achieve their fitness goals don't work. Everyday we are bombarded with quick fix plans, poor diet advice, and low quality foods with trendy health food labels that fool even the best of us. But Imagine having effective workouts, eating right without starving, inspiring your peers, and building the body you’ve always wanted!

In the many years i’ve spent as a fitness coach, i've seen many people who try their hardest, year after year and only make minimal results. They always ask me why is it that my clients and I seem to make progress almost workout to workout. What is that we're doing thats so special? WHAT’S THE SECRET?  

If you feel like you’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to be working, let me tell you this is not the end of your fitness journey. Infact, this is just the beginning, because you’ve come to the right place. Let me explain!  


When i started my fitness journey, I was just a skinny dude who didn’t know a quadricep from a hamstring. I felt intimidated walking into gyms because i wasn’t happy with how i looked, and because i didn’t know what to do. As someone who spent a lot of time doing things wrong and getting nowhere, I can understand how you feel. It took me so long to get the hang of things and seeing the results i was after, because i didn’t have a guide. Fast forward to today, i’ve helped many people like who were in the same boat. They go from paddling against the current and seeing no change, to speedboating their way to strong, lasting results.  

My way2fit system will guide you through the process of transforming the way you eat, the way you train and the way you look and feel about yourself. You’ll lose those doubtful, uncertain and unsatisfied feelings and become empowered, confident and looking fantastic! 





  • Fully customized workouts that challenge your body as it adapts
  • Individual meal plans built to fit in your life.
  • access to a growing video vault to help learn and perfect your exercises.
  • You're always kept accountable as we stay in touch and track your results.
  •  Access to your programs and progress through my exclussive membership site
  • services provided through a mobile app, with all your updates and instructional videos to keep you motived and on track and out of the gym
  • An invitation to join my private facebook community where we share tips, motivation and experiences.




This is an in depth questionnaire where i get to know you as you are now, and the physique you want to build in the future  

From this point you will get recieve your meal plan, shopping guide, food prep solutions, killer workouts and access to the membership website


You’ll receive regular updates to your training plan that will challenge you and push you to a higher level. You’ll learn to sculpt your body, improve your fitness and train like a pro


Along with your workouts is your personal diet plan. There will always be something different on your diet plans as we tweak it week by week. Keeping your metabolism revved up and optimizing your energy levels.


With these videos, you’ll learn the importance of proper lifting form as well as execution.  

As you master the basics you’ll learn more elite practices which offer better stimulation and results

  • IMAGINE finally being feeling good about taking your shirt off instead of shy and embarrased
  • IMAGINE your transormation shocking your friends and family who never thought it was possible
  • IMAGINE being able to lose weight, enjoy your life and not worry about feeling starved
  • IMAGINE being an inspiration to people around you and everyone asking you HOW YOU DID IT!
  • IMAGINE awlays having a guide to push you through tough times towards your goals 

CATHERINE LAW Personal Trainer - Bikini Competitor 

I had always struggled with food and dieting, as I have a history of eating disorders. Because of this, I always envisioned competing to be out of my abilities. Renaldo was able to make the entire process smooth and enjoyable, and accommodated to my needs. The rate of progress was amazing! I learned a lot more about how my body reactions to dieting and training. Renaldo showed me that much more is possible (with regards to my body) than I ever imagined. I have learned so much more about bodybuilding and competing, and what a human body is capable of. My paradigms of training have changed for the better, and I have developed a much improved skillset for both myself and clients.  


MIKE BARNES bodybuilder 

The frustration I found trying to solve my problem on my own is that I didnt have someone with the same outlook as me to provide feedback. When I started to train with W2F I found my self pushing new limits, more change to my body and outlook on fitness. I was empowered and given knowledge. When compareing progress pictures to old pictures, I was in disbelief of how far I had come. Sure, I worked hard for it, but I had worked hard before and never seen the results that had transpired over the course. I have a different appreciation for myself and my limits. I know what it takes to make changes not only fitness wise. I have been proven that handwork, with the right people, mindset and enough time will always allow us to accomplish amazing things.  


There's a limited number of spaces available for this program, and they're rapidly getting smaller. There's still space for you, but only if you hurry.  

There's a limited number of spaces available for this program, and they're rapidly getting smaller. There's still space for you, but only if you hurry!



  • Visual assessment of physique noting posture, balance, symmetry, condition 
  • Nutritional assessment - record of current diet to establish good and poor eating habits. What can stay, and what must go  
  • Statistical assessment, body weight, bodyfat % and measurements  
  • Questionnaire about lifestyles, past training and dieting experience text in this area


  • Plan of action - Outline areas of the body to enhance for a more aesthetic and balanced look 
  • establish a bodyfat % and body weight goal.  
  • A training plan made to bring you from the body you have to the body you want  
  • Base effective level of cardio training
  • A personalized nutrition guide to ease you out of the bad habbits and slide you into new ones and feeling great!


  • Workouts begin to increase in intensitry and you increase being awesome! 
  • Learn new exercises, and improved ways to do old ones! 
  • Slight increase in cardio intensity and/or duration 
  • Modifying your nutrition more and more, so your metabolism is always reved up
  • Learning key concepts about nutrition and your body with each check in and update
  • workouts designed for maximum stimulation to targeted muscle groups.
  • each update will have your heart pumping, muscled burning and fat shredded more and more ut your text in this area

ANDREW KERR natural bodybuilder 

When i started on my own didn't understand the complexity of dieting. I had attempted a very mathematical way of counting calories, but I didn't account for my body-type, Nor was I able to remain objective when comparing myself.  

When I started training with W2F my training intensity was the very first thing I noticed I was lacking. I didn't know how much I could be pushed or realize the ceiling was so high for tolerance. When I did my first training session with Renaldo, I attempted the muscle group I was strongest on ( arms) and literally could not straighten my arm for 3 days. I knew then that this was the level I needed to be at to be competitive as a bodybuilder and to achieve the physique I wanted. W2F has brought me to places I didn't imagine I could be. Now I realize, there is much more I need to do to keep myself going. I have set new goals and aspire to reach new heights. 



ASHLEY PACHT natural figure/bikini athlete - cover model

Prior to Way2fit my body had little muscle. My objective was to gain definition. Renaldo was able to build on my weaknesses and work within my strengths to sculpt my body. Training with Way2fit has boosted my level of fitness allowing me to exercise harder. I feel much stronger functionally and confident in my daily life. Training with Renaldo has given me strength physically and mentally. 

Now, I have a new sense of self-belief. I realize that with dedication, persistence and faith no challenge is too big to face. Way2fit has taught me to the potential exercise can have on our lives. Fitness has evolved into a passion of mine. Renaldo has given me the tools to build a healthy strong body. 

When I started lifting I was 150lbs, skinny dude who knew nothing about training and nutrition. I just knew I wanted to look like the guys in the fitness magazines. i wanted too look a walking work of art. I spent a lot of time researching and watchng any video i could get my hands on. There was no youtube back then. Although I was making some progress, it wasn't until i hired a coach that my progress started making leaps and bounds. I realized then that no matter who you are, everyone does better with a coach. If you think of all the best athletes out there, everyone of them has a coach pushing them to greatness. 

Fast forward to today, I've won many bodybuilding shows and now compete as an IFBB pro. This is the highest tier of bodybuilding in the world. I couldn't of gotten this far and had all the success i had if i didn't have someone in my corner, pushing me, guiding me, and keeping motivated when i thought i couldn't do it. I know first hand the power having that kind of help .  

Now I help many others reach their goals and beyond. It doesn't matter if you're on a competetive path or you want to wake up to brand new you, you'll go further and faster with a coach of your own.  


There's a limited number of spaces available for this program, and they're rapidly getting smaller. There's still space for you, but only if you hurry!


Do I have to be a competitor to join? Even though many of our clients compete, We also have a lot of members who are good enough with improving their physique and fitness levels. As long as you can be coachable, hardworking and passionate, you’ll fit right in!  

I want to sculpt my my muscles, but i don’t want to get huge It doesn’t matter if you want to look killer when you hit the beach, feel confident in the workplace or dominate a bodybuilding stage. You tell us your goals, and we help you get there!  

Is this program good for beginners? This is the best thing for beginners! When you join, You’ll get an intake quiz where we’ll assess your fitness level. After that you’ll get a program specially built for you to build a solid fitness foundation. It will never be too much for you. Plus with having someone guiding you through the early stages, you’ll progress to your goals WAY faster!  

What about cookie cutter plans? Those are blasphemy in the Way2Fit book, and do not use them!

Will i need a gym membership? Way2Fit is about serious body sculpting and requires progressing loads and good variety of exercises. A gym membership is ideal, but a well equipped home gym is good too.  

How do i know if my home gym sufficient? Just message us and we’ll let you know if your home gym is complete and make suggestions of how to make it better.  

Are there hidden fees or contract? Absolutley no contracts or hidden fees.  

When will i get results? We dont do quick fix, fast diets. We want you to have long lasting results. Your results depend on your goals and your starting point. Beginners usually experience big changes in strength and stamina in as little as 3 weeks. When following a good plan, losing body fat can be 1-2 lbs a week, where muscle changes get measured by the month. In either case, most members experience more tone and shape in your body within 3-6 week.


Join The Team Risk Free! Way2Fit members are getting all kinds of gains these days. We really want you to be a part of that, and you can become a part of that with peace of mind. If find this program is not for you within 30 days of joining, you’ll get a full refund.  

You’ve read what this program is all about, now the question is, ARE YOU READY FOR THIS PROGRAM?  

  • Are you as motivated by hard work, as you are by its rewards?  
  • Do you love kicking ass in the gym and ready to take it to the next level?  
  • Do you want to see results, and just waiting for someone to push you beyond your limitations?  

If you said yes to any of that, then you’re totally ready for to join!  

What are you waiting for? Don't miss your chance to be a part of this great program. This offer wont last long!